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Immunizations are available
Monday - Friday  8am – 3:30 PM

Please call 304-587-4269 to schedule your appointment.
Each child & adolescent up to the age of 19 will be screened for Vaccines for Children (VFC) eligibility.

For those who do not qualify for the VFC program, vaccines will be given at cost and a $15 administration fee will apply.



CDC Immunization Information

Vaccines - Calling the Shots

Occupational Immunizations

Occupation Immunizations are available Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 3:30 pm.   

Please call 304-587-4269 to schedule your appointment.

All vaccines are given at cost.  For each vaccine administered, there is an
administration fee of $20.00 each.

Overseas Travel

Discuss oversea travel immunizations by contacting us at 304-587-4269.

Vaccinations for Children (VFC)

We are proud to be a Vaccines for Children (VFC) program provider. 
VFC eliminates financial barriers for children that need immunizations.
We administer publicly provided vaccines to eligible children in order to keep some of West Virginia's most vulnerable, safe.

To qualify, your child must not have yet reached their 19th birthday AND be uninsured (not have insurance coverage) OR be underinsured (not have immunization coverage on your plan) OR be American Indian or a Native Alaskan.

Each child under the age of 19 will be screened for VFC eligibility. 
If your child currently has Medicaid coverage, they will automatically receive VFC vaccines and we will bill Medicaid for the Administration Fee.

To visit the VFC website, please click here.
To create your child's personal immunization schedule (0-6 years) please click here.


WV Sate Code requires all immunizations entered into WVSIIS. Providers and staff may also use the system to inquire and confirm patient’s immunization records.