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Clay County
Health Department

452 Main Street
Clay, WV 25043
304.587.4269 (Phone)
304.587.7415 (Fax)

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

 Environmental Health

Environmental Health Services protect the public health by ensuring:

  • The integrity of the food and water supplies
  • Neighborhood cleanliness
  • A hazard-free work place
  • And proper disposal of wastes
These objectives will be accomplished through education, assessments, partnerships, regulation, complaint investigations, and consultation. The Division's resolve is carried out in a professional, courteous and efficient manner.

Fee for Service Schedule




Inspect hospitals, day care centers, schools, mobile home parks, hotels/motels, and other public facilities. Evaluate water and sewage systems for lending institutions. If you have any complaints you would like us to investigate, please click on the Complaints and email us with complete Complaint address or contact information. You can also call us @ 304-587-4269



Permit, inspect and sample private water supplies. Collect compliance samples from public water systems to assure safe water quality. Inspect public swimming pools, campgrounds, parks and other public facilities and events.

Clean Indoor Air Regulation

Environmental Health Procedures Manual

This is a copy of the Clay County Health Department Clean Indoor Air Regulation Link to State guidance on Environmental Program for Sanitarians



Permit and inspect all businesses or establishments that sell food to the public. Examples include restaurants, bars, schools, day cares, temporary food stands, retail establishments, etc. Permit, inspect and approve on-site wastewater system installations. Work with sewage treatment plants, home aeration units and septic tank cleaners to insure that the regulations governing them are followed.

Evaluations of water and sewage systems for lending institutions are also conducted. Lending institutions require that a home with an individual sewage disposal system be inspected and approved before the closing of the sale. This is not a state mandated program, however the CCHD has for many years offered this important service to report the actual conditions found, regardless of who requests the service. The evaluation service is provided for a fee of $130.00. Click Here for the Guidelines for Evaluating water and sewage for Home loan.
Contact Name: Environmental Health Services
Contact Phone: 304-587-4269